Who we are ?

Who we are ?

We are the top online seafood provider in Egypt.

We deliver anywhere in Cairo and located at El Rehab, 5th Settlement, Maadi and Dokki.

We catch our WILD Fish from Egypt (Mediterranean and Red Sea).

Regarding the TuNA, we serve it for you into 4 different ways:

1- Filet (Raw) ready to be cooked with our recipes on the page.

2- Marinated ready to grill.

3- Steamed ready to eat.

4- Smoked ready to eat.

Recently, we serve other Mediterranean & Red Sea fish that you receive Clean & Marinated or Unmarinated ready to cook.


  • Mostafa Kamel

    I tried the bluefin tuna belly cut and it was out of this world.. .I didn’t even need a recipe just a few salt and pepper and it was the best meat I’ve eaten so far nothing compares to it not even beef steaks or burgers.
    A must try!

  • Anna

    Love the seafood!!!
    Wide selection of seafood with reasonable prices
    Seafood is always very fresh and caught locally what’s very important.  The best smoked mackerel in town!
    Delicious shrimps, beautiful Octopus all very fresh and tasty
    Nice people and great service with great products!
    This is one of the best services I have found for seafood in Cairo
    Excellent quality
    Highly recommended!!!!

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