White Tune Sashimi Grade-A

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Our Mediterranean Albacore tuna is a high quality, sashimi grade A tuna. Albacore has a mild, rich taste and a firm, steaky texture, with large, moist flakes.

Albacore meat is less dense than bluefin tuna, though it is one of the fattiest species, with more omega-3 than the rest of the tunas. Albacore has the lightest-colored meat of all the tunas, though it can range from light beige to almost brown when raw. All albacore flesh becomes off-white after cooking. Albacore meat is not as firm as yellowfin or bluefin.

Our tuna cut piece is skinless and boneless. Albacore tuna is packed full of protein and selenium and is also a great heart healthy source of omega-3’s.