O-Toro Bluefin Sashimi اوتورو بلوفين ساشيمي

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O-Toro Bluefin Sashimi


  من البلوفين تونة O-Toro جزء

The fattiest and most desired cut from the lowest part of the bluefin tuna belly. The mighty Bluefin is the most coveted and desired large fish in the world. It is a symbol of luxury and excellence of taste. Fished in the Mediterranean, immediately deep frozen after cutting. The unique and amazing taste of Otoro charms most people the first time they try the smooth, rich and melting experienc11e in their mouths. It is the perfect cut for sushi and sashimi. 


Sashimi Grade A+

Extra fatty Part – the best of the best

Directly from Med sea

Delivered as a frozen block